Top Water Filter Brands in Bangladesh

Top Water Filter Brand in Bangladesh 1

Pure water is the most important for the human body, the purest water of all foods. In the present environment, people are suffering from various diseases, many of which are due to lack of clean water. There are many types of germs in the water that can cause serious illness if left untreated.
Therefore, it is essential to boil plain water to make it pure and safe. Water usually cooked at a temperature of 60 degrees. When water boils, all the germs die.

For this, the expert Dr. There said that ordinary water must be boiled or filtered.

They also say that boiling water kills germs, but it is not 100% clean. They are so advising to filter the water.

There are many types of companies in the world today that have developed good quality water filters. I will briefly discuss five water filters from the top 5 brands in the world for the information of the readers.

Tecomen Water Filter

Tacoman filters currently rank at the top of the world. The quality of its products is excellent, and the water is filtered very well, which is 100% pure and pure.

Among the water filters that are currently available in Bangladesh, Tecomen made with advanced and smart technology.

Tecomen Has been making various types of water filters for a long 15 years (established in 2006) with an excellent reputation. Tecomen Company is supplying products to more than 30 countries in the Old World. It has a staff of about 2200.

In the current era of competition, Tecomen is leading the way with much success.

• There is no need to boil water.
• 6-step current modern filter system, which purifies water in six stages.
• Arrange the joint directly from the waterline.
• Capacity is much higher, which is capable of filtering up to 300 liters of water per hour.
• The price is comparatively much lower, which is about one-half that of a standard filter.
• It can transfer quickly.

Cons: (with solution)
The filter bulb has to replaced after filtering a certain amount of water.

Karofi Water Filter

After more than eight years of development, Karofi has always been faithful to the mission: “Creating different values, contributing to the happier lives of everyone on the beautiful green planet,” this mission will continue the Karofi Brand with the desire to conquer and reach out to the world.


Easy use for all age humans, it is friendly useable. Especially the Karofi Water filter is one of the most brands in the World.


  • Headon Pump (Taiwan)
  • Have Pressure Meter
  • 6 Stage Purification
  • Family Usable for 1-10 Persons
  • Goose Type One Hand SS
  • Reverse Osmosis Purification Technology
  • 8-12 Liter Per Hour Production Capacity (75GPD)
  • 5Gallon or 15Liter Pressure Tank Capacity.
  • Vietnam, Korea & Taiwan (Joint Venture) Manufacturer.
  • 10mm Food Grade White Color Numatic White Pipe Water Connection Size.

Cons: (with solution)

Need change filter bulb after some months later. Don’t worry, and their price is not high, these have a reasonable price.

Puricom Water Filter

The Puricom, the water filter is more significant than just a service. It is an undertaking to preserve good health for all, especially when faced with today’s contaminated worldwide atmosphere. Whether in Europe, the Center East, Egypt, India, Japan, Americas, China, or Taiwan, as well as Bangladesh Puricom’s globally staff member treasure the possibility to advertise the constant improvement of product quality and also competitiveness. The Puricom brand has continuously stood for healthy alcohol consumption water for every single person as well as family members worldwide.


Puricom water filters have extra Reputation in the world. There filter also used a six-stage system that used carbon—a great way to purify water.


  • There have used 6 Stage Purification steps.
  • All Family can use for 1-10 Persons
  • Use Goose Type and One Hand SS.
  • Use RO (Reverse Osmosis) Purification Technology
  • 8-14 Liter Hourly Production Capacity (80GPD)
  • 6-Gallon or 20-Liter Pressure Tank Capacity.

Cons: (with solution)

  • Cannot connection water line.

That has no problem; you can also fill the tank with jug or gallon.

Lan Shan Water Filter

LAN SHAN water filter features the fantastic high quality as well as developed in the U.S.A. Among the best water cleansers ensured the safety of the mineral water. Five phases Opposite Osmosis water system developed for where feed water has shallow tide pressure or where the resource water includes more than regular amounts of dissolved solids.


  • The auto-Off system when Tank have Fill-up.
  • Auto-On system when Tank is Empty.
  • Directly Takes Water from Waterline.
  • Water No need to Boil.
  • The Origin is Taiwan.


  • 1-Year Warranty facility.
  • The membrane is the USA
  • Capacity is 50 or 100 GPD Hourly.
  • Reserve Capacity has 8 Liters.
  • Filtration Stage is Six.
  • Dimension is 390 x 390 x 245 mm.
  • Technology is RO(Reverse Osmosis), and Micro-Computer.
  • There have used 100% Food Grade Pipes for purity.

Cons: (with solution)

There has no Guarantee! Don’t worry, and this has a warranty, you will get all support with the warranty period. And after the warranty gives support. Lan Shan is a good brand, these give us extra happiness. So, use it and enjoy it.

FAQ: (Frequently Ask Question)

How long can these filters be used?
Ans: You can use it easily minimum 6th years.

How long is the warranty?
Ans: 1-Year Warranty facility give us the company.

How many liters of water can filter per hour?
Ans: 50 Liters to 100 Liters per hour production capacity.

Where to buy in Bangladesh?
Ans: If you want to buy go Safe Life Technology’s website or Showroom.

What are the benefits of 6 stage filter?

Ans: There have extra capacity and production capacity.

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  1. As you’ve described above, we must filter water before drinking it. I agree. But It also true that sometimes we found a different taste of water after filtration. That’s for the materials countains in the water. Drink safe, live safe.

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