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Model: SLT-TM-701

Tank PAC storage tank

Headon booster pump: 24V

Flow rate: 1.8 L / min

Voltage: 220-240V/50-60Hz

Capacity: 50 GPD

Dimensions: 375*230*485mm

Weight: 14.1kg

Intelligent microcontroller: Error warning, filter replacement time, auto flushing

2 in 1 switch, indicator light

Can be integrated up to 4 more stages

Quick/easy installation

Made In Vietnam

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Tecomen RO 50 GPD Water Purifier comes added with TDS controller that helps in retaining all the essential natural minerals in the purified water.

Some of the RO water purifiers come with Save Water Technology that employs a computer-controlled process. The technology aid in recovering more than 50% water as purified water resulting in less water wastage. Besides, the RO wastewater can be used for different domestic purposes and even for watering the plant.

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