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Model: SLT-TM-501

Tank PAC storage tank

Headon booster pump: 24V

Flow rate: 1.8 L / min

Voltage: 220-240V/50-60Hz

Capacity: 50 GPD

Dimensions: 370*215*460mm

Weight: 13.8kg

5 stage RO system

Can be integrated up to 4 more stages

Made In Vietnam

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An RO water purifier comes in a combination of carbon filter, sediment, RO membrane, UF membrane, UV lamp, and many more.

Tecomen 5 stage RO Water Purifier

Water is forced through the semi-permeable membrane in order to block the minute impurities. The membrane is a synthetic plastic material that stops chlorine, sodium, and even the larger molecules such as urea, viruses, bacteria and more. The reverse osmosis drinking water systems also help in removing lead, arsenic, chromium, copper, fluoride selenium, etc.

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