ZKTECO ZK-D1065S Walk Through Metal Detector


ZKTECO ZK-D1065S Walk Through 6 Zones Metal Detector

100 adjustable sensitivity levels

Alarm strength indicator

Count statistics of alarms and people

Fireproof material

Harmless to human body

Password protection

Program Self-diagnostic

Six mutual over-lapping detecting zones

Sound & LED alarm

Power Supply- AC100V-240V

Working temperature- -20℃~+50℃

Working frequency-4KHz-8KHz

Standard external size- Standard external size

Standard internal size- 1990mm(H)*700mm(W)*578mm(D)

Package size for door panels- 2260*650*260mm*1ctn

Package size for control unit- 780*390*250mm*1ctn

Gross weight- 70kg

1 year warranty

৳ 60,000

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You all must be accounted with the work of a metal detector. We usually see metal detectors in big places like railway station, airports, shopping malls etc. A metal detector can detect any kind of metal object. People use it verify any kind of person who is carrying a gin, knife or other metal things that can harm people. So, after knowing its importance you have to make sure that you buy the best metal detector.

ZKTECO ZK-D1065S walk Through Metal detector is a very good metal detector. It can easily detect any kind of metal object if someone walk through it. It has good sensors and its metal is totally fireproof. If it detects any sort of metal the auto alarm of it will start ringing. It is protected by password so there is no risk of any kind of conspiracy.

This a top quality product. The features are very good and advanced. It has very good reviews and ratings in the market. So, it has a good demand now. You can buy it from our website in a very cheap and affordable price. So, we suggest you to please buy it as soon as possible!


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