Time Attendance FV350

1 Years Warranty.

new era of enhancing security with biometrics. Its infra-red rays illuminates the vein pattern which is then converted into a biometric template. Both the vein and fingerprint templates are then stored in the database for subsequent matching.

ZKTeco has developed the first multimodal device capable of capturing and processing finger vein and fingerprint biometric data at the same time. Ergonomic, intuitive and highly secured, FV350 leads us to a new era for biometric application to security.
• ZKTeco’s first Finger Vein identification access control terminal
• Work in standalone mode or TCP/IP connected.
• Reliable, durable and highly accurate authentication
• 2.8 inch capacitive touch screen
• Flexible to combine different finger vein, fi ngerprint and password authentication
• Advanced access control functions, supports multiple time zones and personnel groupsFor more information, feel free to contact us!

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