7 Pcs Hikvision Camera 2MP, DVR, 2TB HDD, 19” LED Monitor Full CCTV Camera Package


7Pcs Package included: 

07nos 2mp HDTVI Night Vision CCTV Camera

01nos 8 Channel Standalone Video Recorder (HDTVI DVR)

07nos Power Supply, (Good Quality),

07 Set  BNC/Video Balun  with connector (Good Quality)

1nos Hard Disk Drive: 1024GB (1TB),

1nos 19” LED Monitor

70 Meter/Yard Cable Power & Video, (Good Quality)

Brand: Hikvision

Made in China

Without Installation Charge.

৳ 32,000 ৳ 42,600

Grab a quality 7 PCS HIKVISION camera 2mP DVR 2TB HDD 32” LED monitor full CCTV camera package in Bangladesh at very convincing and cheap Price

Our security system will be much better if we use a security camera. Having a security camera means being aware of everything that is happening in around the area. So, you can easily feel secure and avoid any kind of issues related security. But you must need a good security camera for this. 7 PCS HIKVISION Camera 2 MP DVR 2TB HDD 32 LED Monitor Full CCTV Camera Package is the good security camera you need.

The camera will give a big update in to your security system. It has a very good sensor to detect the tiniest things as well. The lens are very good so you can focus pretty well on the recorded and live video. It has a 2 MP camera that covers a wide area so that you can see everything clear. The resolution is also very good and high quality. Besides, it also has a better zoom quality to zoom almost anything!

This a top quality product. The features are very good and advanced. It has very good reviews and ratings in the market. So, it has a good demand now. You can buy it from our website in a very cheap and affordable price. So, we suggest you to please buy it as soon as possible!

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