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Deng Yuan Taiwan TW-400 RO Water Filter
Model: TW-400
Brand: Deng Yuan
Country of origin : Accessories from USA
Made in: Taiwan
Membrane: USA
Capacity:400 GPD
Tank Capacity: 40Liter/20 Pressure Tank
Filtration Stage: five
Dimension: 460X410X210 MM
100% Food Grade Pipes
Auto Off after Tank Fill-up
Auto On When Tank Empty
Takes Water from Water line Directly
No Boiled Water needed

Brand: Deng Yuan

Made In Taiwan



Deng Yuan filter uses World’s most technologically advanced RO water purifier.The five stage of RO water purifier systems removes even dissolved impurities such as chemicals, bacteria, viruses and salts, making the water 100% pure.Deng Yuan providing 100% safe and tasty drinking water. Best suited for homes and offices. Deng Yuan comes with a system for better performance and durability of the RO membrane.

Deng Yuan Taiwan TW-400 RO Water Filter is an extraordinary five stage RO water purifier along with a built-in inline pressure gauge and a power switch. It also contains an automatic flash valve which ensures the membrane’s durability. Made in Taiwan, Membrane- USA that guarantees the optimum safety and performance. It’s a superb Reverse Osmosis system & capable of removing over 99% of all organics & bacteria as well as 95% of TDS, ideal for a family/small office.

Easy maintenance, suitable for counter-top/desktop, completely assembled, 100% factory tested and sterilized ready for installation. All the components of this machine are made in Taiwan. The Membrane & faucet are made in Korea.

While the initial purification by RO membrane, having porosity as fine as 0.0001 microns, effectively removes even dissolved impurities (hard salts, heavy metals, etc.), the double purification by UF ensures protection against bacteria and viruses making your drinking water 100% pure.


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