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Deng Yuan Taiwan TW-12100S RO Water Filter
Model: TW-12100S
Brand: Deng Yuan
Country of origin : Accessories from USA
Made in: Taiwan
Membrane: USA
Capacity:100 GPD
Tank Capacity: 3.2 Liter Pressure Tank
Filtration Stage: Five

Brand: Deng Yuan

Made In Taiwan


Deng Yuan Taiwan TW-12100S RO Water Filter is one of the finest unit in its class and capable of removing over 99% of all organics & bacteria as well as 95% of TDS. This system produces hygienic and good-tasting water just at your fingertips. Our RO system comes complete with a NSF standard pressurized water tank and all necessary fittings, installation kits. It has automatic power cut-off system – while the reservoir is full/system is running dry – It contains a CSM brand membrane which is 100% made in Korea. All other components of this machine are made in Taiwan.

While the initial purification by RO membrane, having porosity as fine as 0.0001 microns, effectively removes even dissolved impurities (hard salts, heavy metals, etc.), the double purification by UF ensures protection against bacteria and viruses making your drinking water 100% pure.

Deng Yuan filter uses World’s most technologically advanced RO water purifier.The RO water purifier systems removes even dissolved impurities such as chemicals, bacteria, viruses and salts, making the water 100% pure.Deng Yuan providing 100% safe and tasty drinking water. Best suited for homes and offices. Deng Yuan comes with a system for better performance and durability of the RO membrane.

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  1. Sagor

    genuine product and delivered in short time.

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      WE always give genuine & quality products.

  2. Baki

    product is good according price

    • safelifetechnology

      Thank you for your attention

  3. AFrAn

    Very useful.

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