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  • ZKTECO ZK-D1065S Walk Through 6 Zones Metal Detector

    100 adjustable sensitivity levels

    Alarm strength indicator

    Count statistics of alarms and people

    Fireproof material

    Harmless to human body

    Password protection

    Program Self-diagnostic

    Six mutual over-lapping detecting zones

    Sound & LED alarm

    Power Supply- AC100V-240V

    Working temperature- -20℃~+50℃

    Working frequency-4KHz-8KHz

    Standard external size- Standard external size

    Standard internal size- 1990mm(H)*700mm(W)*578mm(D)

    Package size for door panels- 2260*650*260mm*1ctn

    Package size for control unit- 780*390*250mm*1ctn

    Gross weight- 70kg

    1 year warranty

    ৳ 60,000.00

    Brand- ZKTECO

    Model- F-22

    Display- 2.4-inch TFT LCD Color Screen

    Fingerprint Capacity- 3000

    Card Capacity- 5000(Optional) ID or mifare card

    Transaction Capacity- 30000

    Sensor- Bio ID Sensor/ Silk ID Sensor (optional)

    Algorithm Version- ZK Finger VX 10.0

    Communication- RS232/485, TCP/IP, USB-host, Wi-Fi

    Access Control Interface- 3rd Party Electric Lock, Door Sensor, Exit Button, Alarm

    Wiegand Signal- Input, Output

    Functions- DST, Automatic Status Switch, Record query, T9 input, 14 digit user ID, Anti- passback, Scheduled-Bell, Printer(Optional), ADMS(Optional)

    Power Supply- 12V DC,3A

    Operating Temperature- 20%-80%

    Dimension(LxWxH)- 158.5×78.0x19.4mm

    SDK and software- Standalone SDK,ZKAccess3.5 software

    1 year warranty

    ৳ 12,000.00
  • BioEntry plus

    Brand- Suprema

    USERS : 5,000

    Event Log: 50,000

    Provides high-performance, maintenance-free optical fingerprint sensor

    IP based Fingerprint Access Control Features: Finger, EM card

    Powerful 400 MHz DSP

    Intelligence at Doors

    Versatile Interfaces – extra flexibility

    IP-to-the-door Concept : Flexible & Cost-saving Solution

    Advanced Technology Suprema Algorithm

    Made in: Korea

    1 year warranty

    ৳ 29,500.00
    • 2.8″ color LCD display; Fingerprint time attendance recorder with EM reader module built-in
    • Provides simple access control function.
    • Supports 1,500 users with 2 fingerprint templates for each person (total 3,000 fingerprint templates )
    • Provides 3,000 cardholders and 100,000 events
    • Events can be retained for more than 10 years in case of power failure
    • Built-in voice prompt function, easy to operate
    • Supports setting function of daylight saving time (DST)
    • Built-in USB-host interface to import/export data through USB flash drive
    • Built-in USB-slave interface for connecting PC to upload/download
    • Built-in one relay to connect an external door lock.
    • The device ACU-30 (with 2 relays) is optional for connecting an external lock and siren
    • Provides function keys to set shift change automatically
    ৳ 16,500.00
  • Hundure RAC-2200 fingerprint reader time attendance system has 128 time zones and schedules, 8 time conditional unlock door schedules, 100 holiday schedules per year, maximum 15000 card / event capacity, built-in RS232 / RS485 interface, optical coupled isolated sensors for alarm and reader tamper, blacklist and 50 sets visitor card, anti passback and duress card / code setting.

    ৳ 15,500.00
    • Bell key design. Suit for various location.
    • Casing tamper proof detection and door tampers alarm.
    • Support swipe card and swipe card with pin codes enter modes.
    • The memory of the standard model is 18,000 cardholders (max) and 18,000 events.
    • Another model with 170,000 events storage is available for optional purchase.
    • Unique ID or Block read format supported. (RAC-960PM)
    • Slim, stylish design with waterproof sensitive touch keypad with blue backlight.
    • Built-in RS-485 & TCP / IP communication interface to PC.
    • Blacklist and Duress card/code setting. When door opened in the emergency, the controller will send signal to control center at the same time for tracing and rescue.
    • Programmable disarm code and able set maximum attempts to trigger re-swipe card alarm. The controller time-out function will avoid intrusion in and has self security.
    • Provide 32 working shifts and 32 siren output. LCD will display current shift and activate alarm. Provide 100 holiday schedules per year.
    • Able to connect external slave reader, And support anti-passback to every single door.
    • Provide 128 time zones and time schedules, 8 time conditional unlock door schedules. (per week)
    • Display name on the LCD screen after swiped card. Function keys of access control and shifts which are convenient to personnel to generate time attendance reports.
    • On-board lithium battery ensures data storage can reach up to 1 year upon power outage.
    ৳ 22,000.00
  • 1 Years Warranty.

    ZKTeco SF300 time attendance and fingerprint access control has 1500 fingerprint capacity, 80000 records capacity, compatible with ZKAccess3.5 software for access control and time attendance management, 2.8 inch resistive touch screen, ZK optical sensor, TCP/IP, RS485, USB host, electric lock, door sensor, alarm, exit button, door bell, wiegand signal, wiegand input and output.

    ৳ 9,700.00
  • Access Control SF300

    0 out of 5

    1 Years Warranty.

    The SF300 is an IP based fingerprint terminal, which operate in both network mode and standalone mode. it can connect with ZKAccess3.5 software for access control and time attendance management.
    Wiegand output makes SF300 flexible to connect with ZK or any 3rd party controllers as a slave reader, Additionally, wiegand input allows two units of SF300 to configure with each other and utilize Master & Slave solution, which requires user verification at both entrance and exit. Meanwhile, anti-passback function can be used to maximize the security.

    ৳ 12,500.00
  • Door Lock ML10B

    0 out of 5

    1 Years Warranty.

    • With the new generation fingerprint recognition algorithm
    • Rugged, sleek and compact design
    • German standard mortise with one latch and one deadbolt turnhandle upward to lock the deadbolt for
    more security
    • Independent clutch motor design under patent protection
    • Idle handle design to prevent from forcible entry
    • Registration data are stored even if there is power loss
    • Handle, lock body and strike is reversible design for all door open direction
    • Infrared sensor–Touch to open
    • Emergency key override (concealed)
    • LED indicator and inbuilt buzzer
    • External terminals to draw back-up power from a 9V battery
    • Low battery warning
    • Normal Open mode
    • Easy to program and easy to use
    • Easy to install–no wiring required
    • 3 user groups – Admin, Normal User and Temporary User
    • Backset is 62mm

    ৳ 22,000.00
  • ZKTeco TL400B Series

    0 out of 5

    1 Years Warranty.

    • Various access for your convenience – fingerprint/password/card/key/smart phone
    • European standard mortise – the door locks by itself once close
    • Enhanced security by random password for code access
    • Idle handle design to prevent from forcible entry
    • Voice guide for easier and more convenient use
    • Voice volume is adjustable
    • Smart alarm for low battery & illegal operation
    • Normal open mode
    • External terminals to draw back-up power from a 9V battery

    ৳ 15,000.00
  • 1 Years Warranty.

    • With advanced 13.56mhz Mifare-1 card technology
    • American standard mortise
    • Stainless steel housing with the color of golden and silver

    ৳ 19,000.00
  • 1 Years Warranty.

    Anviz VF-30 fingerprint RFID access control system has BioNano core algorithm access control platform, identification support from different angles, standard 2000 fingerprints, 50000 records, multiple languages display support, white backlit keypad with 10 numeric keys and 7 function keys, RS485, mini USB slave and TCP/ IP, wiegand26 input/ output support, direct lock control, unique infrared auto wakeup design, time zone and group access control, realtime data transfer monitor. RFID reader LF/ Mifare/ HID.

    ৳ 20,000.00